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Character Info;
Town Opening: Bitty Hospital: (Too) Frequent Patient
Housing: The B&B
Character Journal name: ~perspective | [info]perspective
Character Name: Etain Sloane (Formerly Meredith Janssen)
Character Age: 26
Character Played By: Susan Coffey

Etain had never been a healthy child, but doctors were never quite able to figure out what was wrong with her. Frustration led to endless searches on the internet, in phone calls, for any sort of answer, but there was only one promising lead. A clinic in the United States, state of the art treatments, breakthroughs that were unprecedented. But Etain's parents didn't have enough money to both send her and travel with her. So she went on her own, just a few months shy of her 26th birthday.

At first, things seemed to be going well. The doctors were nice, the other patients were friendly, and even if she was thousands of miles from home, things weren't too bad. But then an infection settled in, deep in her lungs, and the progress she had made seemed to evaporate in a matter of days. She coded on May 26th at 1:42pm, and twenty minutes later, the doctors pronounced the time of death as 2:02pm. The sheet was pulled over and papers were signed and the doctors prepared to make the necessary phone calls.

At 2:29pm, the body under the sheet moved.

Breath was drawn.

And Etain Slone lived yet again.

A second chance. Or maybe just a punishment. Whatever escape that Meredith Janssen had been looking for in pulling that trigger was stolen away from her. Damned to hell with her very soul ripped from her, this second life is nothing she asked for. And a second life in a body that had been ravaged with sickness was no treat either.

The world seemed dull, the colors muted, and the sounds of others speaking came to her as though they were down a very long hallway. This body didn't seem to fit right, too small, her sense of self too large to fit in comfortably. Nevermind the doctors that stared, the nurses that gawked, the questions that were asked that she couldn't answer. She kept on hearing them talk about her dying. About her coding. And Meredith, she wanted to tell them that of course she had. She had pulled the trigger. She had taken that step.

But that wasn't who they spoke of. They didn't know a Meredith, the name unfamiliar to all that gathered, and then they talked of brain damage, of the lack of oxygen to her brain.

Do you know your name? Do you know why you're in here?

No. No, I don't. I'm-

It's okay. We're going to take care of you, okay? We'll get this all figured out. You're so lucky to be alive, Etain…

The voices drifted around her, and Meredith -- No, not Meredith. Etain. She was tired. Her body felt heavy and awkward, and there was a push of something into the needle that was threaded into her left hand. Ice drifted into her veins and Etain, she fell asleep.

It took her nearly a week to talk them into releasing her from the facility. Whatever sickness that had been wrong with her had all but vanished. There were the lingering effects, of course, a frailty that a week of healthy meals couldn't erase, but Etain was, for all extents and purposes, healthy.

Her bank account was healthier than she was, and it seemed that her parents had made sure that she'd want for nothing while she was there. It was a cushion of confidence that boosted her ever so slightly, and with only a backpack filled with a handful of clothes, Etain caught the next bus that was headed towards her home.

Repose was still home, after all.


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